Our Clients

Our Clients

these are precious client of ALTiUS ERP and it has been honor to gain their credence and to keep serving for time to come.

  • PT. Angkasa Cerah Jaya
    ACER elite dealer.
  • PT. Jessindo Prakarsa
    Consumer Goods Distributor.
  • Lintascindo
    Mathes Manufacturer & Distributor.
  • Bumilindo Prakarsa
    Cellular Phone Distribution and Retail Chain Store
  • PT. Satelit Sriti
    Seaweed Manufacturer.
  • PT Kurnia Jaya Bersama
    Notebook, Computer & Printer Retailer.
  • PT. Borwita Citra Prima
    Consumer Goods Distributor of P&G, Gillete, Ceres, etc.
  • PT. Halimjaya Sakti
    Footwear Manufacturer.
  • PT Graha Kerindo Utama (Kompas Gramedia Group)
    Tessa Tissue Manufacturer & Distributor.
  • PT Mojong Mitra Maju
    Consumer Goods Distributor.
  • PT Gading Murni
    Wholesaler & Retailer Stationary & Office Supply.
  • Auto Timor Leste
    Authorized Dealer Toyota In Dili Timor Leste.
  • Sinar Suri FMCG Wholesaler
    Consumer Goods Distributor.
  • PT. Panca Jaya Manunggal
    HP elite dealer.
  • PT. Bumi Pembangunan Pertiwi
    Official Distributor Of Building Materials.
  • Kartika Sari Toyota
    Toyota Authorized Dealer, SparePart Distribution dan Service.
  • PT. Cempaka Indah Murni
    Pharmachy Distribution (PBF)
  • PT. Arina Paramajaya
    Authorized Toyota Astra Dealer
  • PT. Joey Sasmita Lencana
    Garment Manufacturer and Retailer of Cool, Kids, Popeye, etc.
  • PT. Lintas Nusantara Sakti
    Footwear Distributor.
  • PT Sumber Baru
    Consumer Goods Distributor.
  • PT Subur Mitra Sukses
    Distribution Company.
  • PT Asia Maju Mandiri
    Distributor & Retailer Sanitary Toto.
  • Lisun Wholesaler
    Distributor Unilever In Dili Timor Leste.
  • Sinar Suri Toyota
    Authorized Automotive Toyota Dealer.
  • PT Sasana Aneka Pangan
    Consumer Goods Distributor.
  • PT Mahameru
    Consumer Goods Distributor.

PT Mojong Mitra Maju

PT Mahameru

PT Gading Murni

PT Halimjaya Sakti

PT Subur Mitra Sukses


  • For 8 years with ALTiUS, then what we get? We get full speed and optimize business process, strategic decision based on accuration, cost efficiency and rapid market expansion.
    Tom Dickson Mr. Lucky
    BPP Holcim

PT Asia Maju Mandiri

PT Bumi Pembangunan Pertiwi Holcim

PT Graha Kerindo Utama (Kompas Gramedia Group)

PT Borwita Citra Prima

PT Halimjaya Sakti

Angkasa Cerah Group