Distributor Software In Indonesia

Melakukan kontrol terpusat adalah terbaik dalam kegiatan distribusi

Altius ERP is the best distributor software in Indonesia which has been used by so many distributor companies in Indonesia. Altius ERP has been developed since 1997 by PT . GBS Indonesia. In some of these years PT GBS Indonesia keeps innovating by introducing practical data storage system which is based on cloud. One of its best features is Cloud 2.0 in which we can access and monitor all corporate data scattered in different cities, provinces, states, by online - real time, secure, private and mobile. The keys of Cloud 2.0 are security and simplicity: you have probably known how to use a cloud-based system if someone does not want to be bothered by having a server at home then this is the solution.

Centralized control is the best in the distribution activity

As we know if the distribution activities of the distributor are framed up in the complicated system then goods distribution will not run smoothly and the prices of goods in consumers’ areas will be increased while the effect for the value of the product will be decline in brand equity. With the emergence of Altius ERP as the distributor application distributor, the dissemination of product distribution in different areas will be in controlled so that the price of goods will be stable. And if they can reach into the consumers’ hands well, the sustainable production activities of a business will be able to be maintained.

The best module in its class

There are many modules behind Altius ERP which are used to manage your distributor companies. These modules which support your distribution business as follow:

Modul Detail

Sales Management

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Order/Demand
  • Supply Allocation to Sales Orders/Demands
  • Picking List Order to Warehouse
  • Packing List Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Sales Invoice Generator
  • Sales Price and Discount Structure Policy
  • Online Mobile Sales Force Management with Consigment feature
  • Sales Return
  • Retail POS (Point of Sales --- Cash&Carry Retail Sales)

Purchase Management

  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Supplier Price List and Actual Price Historical based on
  • Actual Transaction
  • PO Schedules
  • Goods Receive Note (GRN)
  • Purchase Receipt/Bill
  • Return to Supplier (Debit Note)

Inventory Management

  • Item description, size, color, material, pattern, and other individual attributs
  • Alternate/Alias Product Code/ID for Customer and Supplier
  • Moving Code and ABC Analysist
  • Unlimited level of UOM (Unit of Measurement)
  • User Defined Default Setting for UOM (Unit) of each Operational Modules (inventory valuation, sales, purchase and report)
  • Storage Racking, Location Management and Warehouse Grouping
  • Automatic generator of stock-take sheet
  • Stock Opname/Adjustment with Rewind Position by Date Feature
  • Stock Usage or Replenishment
  • Handles lot or batch inventory, also serial numbering or IMEI
  • Method of valuation (Cost of Goods) for each Individual Item: Moving Average or Actual Batch or Serial No/IMEI
  • Project Budgeting on Material Usage
  • Project Warehouse Location for true project inventory costing
  • Stock Transfer/Movement Requitision and Approval to Request
  • Stock Transfer/Movement between Warehouses
  • Stock Transfer/Movement between Depos with Intransit/Ongoing Account
  • Stock Conversion (Simple Production)

Account Receiveable

  • Sales Invoicing/Billing
  • Collection Management
  • Online Mobile Collection Force Management
  • Draft Payment and Payment allocation, including payments from cash module
  • Debit/Credit Note
  • A/R Adjustment (auditor function)

Account Payable

  • Supplier Invoice
  • Payment Voucher
  • Approved Payment run by due date range and/or manual selection
  • Debit/Credit Note

Cash Flow Management

  • Cash/Bank Voucher
  • Cash/Giro Bilyet Receive of Sales Collection
  • Liquefaction / Suspend Cheque / Giro Bilyet

Asset Management

  • Asset Identification, Location and Method of Depreciation Profile
  • Buying/Selling Asset Modul
  • Asset Maintenance Scheduling

Enterprise General Ledger

  • Journal Memorial Entry
  • General Ledger
  • Consolidated General Ledger
  • Balanced Sheet and Profit-Lost
  • Consolidated Balanced Sheet and Profit-Lost

Advanced Planning & Production Management

  • Product Specification
  • Multi-level Bill Of Material (Raw Materials to WIPs (Work in Process) to Finish Goods)
  • Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling based on Line Process & Capacity
  • Procurement Management
  • Material Requirement Planning and Order Suggestion
  • Material Usage on Production
  • Work in Process Management
  • Finish Goods Stock Costing per batch (Actual)

Advanced Project Costing Management (Multi level Structure of Cost Center)

  • Multi-level Cost Center/Object Structure
  • User Defined Formula for Indirect Cost Distribution Method
  • Cost Allocation of Each Cash/Bank/Sales/Purchase/Usage Transaction to Cost Structure
  • Automatic Calculation for Distribution of Indirect Cost to Down-line Cost Object
  • Profit-Loss on Each Cost Structure Object