• Online Sales Force & Collection Management

    Sales Force & Collection Management

    Expand your sales area, simplified your Sales and billing process, Track your delivery and sales team position, Record all transactions anywhere realtime online and be paperless at best as it can be.
  • Warehouse Solution

    Warehouse Solution

    optimizes your Inventory move – from raw materials to finished goods, and the material handling equipment and people who move them – enabling the most agile, productive and lean distribution operations possible. That means lower distribution costs and improved return on your supply chain investment.
  • Access It Everywhere With Cloud 2.0

    Access It Everywhere With Cloud 2.0

    Cloud computing improves not only the speed, but also the quantity and quality of resources available to your enterprise. Going beyond the limits of traditional IT infrastructure and data centers, offers you more choice, flexibility and agility — and becomes your competitive advantage
  • No Risk, Trial Benefit, Rapid Implementation & Fast ROI

    No Risk, Trial Benefit, Rapid Implementation & Fast ROI

    The acceleration of an enterprise system implementation when done correctly can deliver significant cost savings benefits and increase the projects ROI. Faster ERP implementation benefits include reduce time and costs, less disruption to daily operations, reduce the risk of over engineering an erp implementation, and accelerate the time to benefit.
  • Scorecard Support

    Scorecard Support

    a strategic planning and management system tool to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals.
  • Proven, Experience Since 1997

    Proven, Experienced Since 1997

    We only focus on the development of ERP-based applications since 1997, for 13 years we're experienced in this field, and experience make our products work better in different business sectors.

ALTiUS is Powerful ERP Application

Along with technological advances, and the high demand of the company, in managing data, are strongly associated with business processes, security, speed, and accuracy.

  • Quality & Commitment


    We are an ERP software development company, who dedicate to continously evolving the solution products, and services, in accordance with international standards -- Read More

    Evolving theme


    ALTiUS ERP is an integrated accounting and business software designed primarily to help you run your business, whether it is a service-oriented enterprise.

    Thorough Documentation


    We have been successfuly implementing ALTiUS ERP for Jessindo Prakarsa as a consumer goods distribution company and Mobile Sales Force for Bumi Pembangunan Pertiwi as distribution of Holcim Cement Product. -- Read More

  • Great Framework


    We develop ALTiUS consist of 3 layers which the first layer is the Core Evolving Application layer, the second layer is client profile of customizable system setting and the last layer is webbased add-on to provide more flexibility of ERP functional to meets the lient requirement.

    Responsive Layout


    Quick understandable work flow, Easy-to-use User friendly Graphical user interface, Comprehensive reporting, Personalized setting, Flexible column combination search functions allow searches using combination of containing word, range and data, Convenient data sorting setting allows active sorting according to different operation window columns, etc

    Medium for The Masses


    Advanced User defined for reporting, printout design, security level & access, accounting journal rule, modul & work flow setting, etc

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