Blue Print

You are easly able to choose and adjust the modul that the company needs. It is becouse every company has a different management system. The details of modul can be seen as follows :

Detail Modul

Sales Management

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Order/Demand
  • Supply Allocation to Sales Orders/Demands
  • Picking List Order to Warehouse
  • Packing List Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Sales Invoice Generator
  • Sales Price and Discount Structure Policy
  • Online Mobile Sales Force Management with Consigment feature
  • Sales Return
  • Retail POS (Point of Sales --- Cash&Carry Retail Sales)

Purchase Management

  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Supplier Price List and Actual Price Historical based on
  • Actual Transaction
  • PO Schedules
  • Goods Receive Note (GRN)
  • Purchase Receipt/Bill
  • Return to Supplier (Debit Note)

Inventory Management

  • Item description, size, color, material, pattern, and other individual attributs
  • Alternate/Alias Product Code/ID for Customer and Supplier
  • Moving Code and ABC Analysist
  • Unlimited level of UOM (Unit of Measurement)
  • User Defined Default Setting for UOM (Unit) of each Operational Modules (inventory valuation, sales, purchase and report)
  • Storage Racking, Location Management and Warehouse Grouping
  • Automatic generator of stock-take sheet
  • Stock Opname/Adjustment with Rewind Position by Date Feature
  • Stock Usage or Replenishment
  • Handles lot or batch inventory, also serial numbering or IMEI
  • Method of valuation (Cost of Goods) for each Individual Item: Moving Average or Actual Batch or Serial No/IMEI
  • Project Budgeting on Material Usage
  • Project Warehouse Location for true project inventory costing
  • Stock Transfer/Movement Requitision and Approval to Request
  • Stock Transfer/Movement between Warehouses
  • Stock Transfer/Movement between Depos with Intransit/Ongoing Account
  • Stock Conversion (Simple Production)

Account Receiveable

  • Sales Invoicing/Billing
  • Collection Management
  • Online Mobile Collection Force Management
  • Draft Payment and Payment allocation, including payments from cash module
  • Debit/Credit Note
  • A/R Adjustment (auditor function)

Account Payable

  • Supplier Invoice
  • Payment Voucher
  • Approved Payment run by due date range and/or manual selection
  • Debit/Credit Note

Cash Flow Management

  • Cash/Bank Voucher
  • Cash/Giro Bilyet Receive of Sales Collection
  • Liquefaction / Suspend Cheque / Giro Bilyet

Asset Management

  • Asset Identification, Location and Method of Depreciation Profile
  • Buying/Selling Asset Modul
  • Asset Maintenance Scheduling

Enterprise General Ledger

  • Journal Memorial Entry
  • General Ledger
  • Consolidated General Ledger
  • Balanced Sheet and Profit-Lost
  • Consolidated Balanced Sheet and Profit-Lost

Advanced Planning & Production Management

  • Product Specification
  • Multi-level Bill Of Material (Raw Materials to WIPs (Work in Process) to Finish Goods)
  • Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling based on Line Process & Capacity
  • Procurement Management
  • Material Requirement Planning and Order Suggestion
  • Material Usage on Production
  • Work in Process Management
  • Finish Goods Stock Costing per batch (Actual)

Advanced Project Costing Management (Multi level Structure of Cost Center)

  • Multi-level Cost Center/Object Structure
  • User Defined Formula for Indirect Cost Distribution Method
  • Cost Allocation of Each Cash/Bank/Sales/Purchase/Usage Transaction to Cost Structure
  • Automatic Calculation for Distribution of Indirect Cost to Down-line Cost Object
  • Profit-Loss on Each Cost Structure Object